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1. How was the communication between you and your partner?

The first day was really awkward, but then we got to know each other better and we talked more. 2. Were you able to speak Croatian with your partner? Not really, I knew a few words but that wasnt enough to have conversations in Croatian. But my partner taught me some Croatian words and phrases, and I taught her a few Dutch words and phrases. 3. How did you experience this exchange? I had a great time! The Croatian students were really nice and I liked learning about the different cultures. 4. What did you like the most about this exchange? The family days and going to Amsterdam. 5. Was it difficult to talk English all the time? At first, yes, but after the first day I got used to it and we could understand eachother perfectly well. 6. What did you like the most in Amsterdam? The museum was really interesting but I liked the free time we had the most. 7. Are you excited about going to Croatia? Yes, Im really excited! But Im also a little nervous. 8. Did your partner enjoy being in Holland? She did, she thought Holland was beautiful and she had a great time. What she didnt like was the weather because it was really cold. 9. What are your expectations of Croatia? I think the weather is going to be really nice and i think there are lots of mountains. 10. Did you like going to de Zaanse Schans? It was very interesting and fun to see all these things, I didnt like the weather because it was raining and we had to walk around outside.