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One reason given by the Japanese for their invasion of Asia was that they wanted to free the Asian nations from colonial rule.

Europeans and their colonies.
Spain (Spanish) & U.S.A (American) The Philippines. Holland (Dutch) Indonesia. England (British) Malaya & Singapore.


The Invasion Of Brunei
The Japanese army landed in Brunei at Kuala Belait on 16 December 1941. After capturing Kuala Belait, the Japanese army moved on to Brunei Town and on 22 December 1941, they captured the Police Headquarters and Government Offices. Due to the superiority of the Japanese army, the Sultan, the Malay chiefs and the people decided not to resist the Japanese.
16 December 1941. The capture of Kuala Belait. 22 December 1941. The capture of Brunei Town.

The Japanese Administration In Brunei.
The Japanese introduced a new system of administration called

‘Miri Shyu’.
What is ‘Miri Shyu’? It was a system that brought together Brunei Labuan Baram Limbang Bintulu Lawas as one territory under Japanese control.


The Japanese were not interested in developing or rebuilding Brunei’s economy. As a result, the people began to hate towards the Japanese.

The people living in hardship. There were shortages of food and medical supplies which led to famine and epidemic.

The people hated the Japanese even more because of the


The ‘Kempeitai’ was the Japanese Military Police who carried out cruel punishment. Those who are caught were tortured.

The Japanese introduced an ideology called ‘Nipponisation’ for the people to adopt the Japanese culture and language.

Buildings to fly the Japanese flag.

Everybody must learn the Japanese language.

Brunei’s youth in the exchange programmes.

Everybody must used the Japanese calendar.

Introduction of Japanese stamps and currency. Everybody must respect and sing the ‘Kimigayo’.

Liberation By The Allied Forces.
The Allied Forces who liberated Brunei were the British, Australians and New Zealands.

On 16 December 1944, the Allied forces bombed Brunei Town and Kuala Belait. On 10 June 1945, Australian Forces landed in Muara and they did not face much resistance.

Effects Of The Japanese Occupation.


People suffered from famine and epidemic

Nationalist conciousness grew.

1984 Independence

Awareness of self-rule was created.

No social or economic progress