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Fatima Obaid H00298145

Lesson Plan

Date: 29th October 2017 Student: 23 students

Time: 25 minutes School: Al-Hesen Kindergarten
MST: Khawla Al-Mazmi Class: KG2B (KG2-2)
Unit: Sound (n) Unit : Growing in the Garden Student Teacher Fatima Obaid Saif

Prior Knowledge (What knowledge are you building on?)

Students have knowledge about sounds /s/,/a/,/t/ /p/ and /i/. They also know words that start with these sounds and they
know how to write the sounds in capital and small cases. Students also have the knowledge of clapping the syllabus in the
words. Moreover the students started learning about blending the sounds.
Lesson Activities: (What will students do in the lesson?)

Revision activity: Teacher will have two dices with all of the sounds the students took in this semester, she will choose some
students to through the dice and the sound they will got they will say what it is and say a word that start with that sound.

Small groups activities:

Activity 1: Puzzle: There will be two puzzles and flashcards with /n/ sound words, the students will do the puzzles then they
will choose the word flashcard that represent the puzzle.

Activity 2: Worksheet: In the worksheet there are two parts, in the first part students will search for sound /n/ and circle it. In
the second part students will color the pictures that start with sound /n/.

Activity 3: Worksheet: In the worksheet there will be a nest and different sounds, students will search for sound /n/, cut it and
stick it inside the nest.

Extra Activity: Craft Work

Students will have starts, cloud, moon and /n/. They will use these materials to create /night/ craftwork.
Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be (better) able to:

Read and say sound /n/

Recognize sound /n/ words and memorize them
Knowledge about sound /n/
Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the goal?)
(How will you evaluate the objectives that were identified? Have students practiced what you are asking them to do for

Ask questions / observation / check list / small groups activities

Personal focus (related to PDP): In this lesson I am working on my

- Positive verbal feedback (During the carpet time and the small groups activities)
- Transition (From the carpet to the small groups area)
Fatima Obaid H00298145

Activity Activity objective/

Time Teachers words & actions Childrens words and actions Resources
Name purpose
- Students will feel 2 - Teacher greets class with good morning my - Students sit cross legged with None
welcomed and be students, how are you today? hands in their laps.
- Teacher says Good morning to all of the - Students greets the teacher
students back and say Good morning
Greetings teacher, Im fine thank you

- Each students answer Good

morning, Miss
- Students will learn 3 - Teacher says What is the day today? Yesterday - Students answer the teacher - Dates cards
days of the week was . and today is ., tomorrow will be question about the day today. - Calendar
.. - Days of the
- Students will identify - The selected student changes week board.
the date and learn - Teacher asks one of the students to change the the arrow of the days of the
Morning numbers day of the week arrow and put it on the right one. week.
- Teacher says yesterday was .. And today is - Students answer the teacher
. Of . question about the date.

- Teacher asks one of the students to put the date - The selected student puts the
card in the calendar. date card in the calendar.

- Promote the week 4 - Teacher says we will watch a video about the - Students watch the video and - Smart board
theme. garden pay attention to it. https://www.y
promotion - Students will learn - After the video teacher asks students about the - Students answer the atch?v=a44NF
about gardening. video and what they can find in the garden. teachers questions. SiIn54
- Remind the students 3 - Teacher says who can remind me of the sounds - Students answer the - Dices
of the last thing they we took in the previous weeks? teachers question.
Revision learnt.
- Teacher uses the revision activity to remind the - Students do the activity.
- Students will recall students of the previous sounds.
their previous
Fatima Obaid H00298145

- Students will learn 5 - Teacher says we will start a new sound lesson - Students answer the teacher - Flashcards
new sound. today. about the sound
- Song of
- Students will learn - Teacher shows sound /n/ flashcard. - Students repeat the sound sound video
new words and with the teacher.
Introducing memorize them. - Teacher shows students sound /n/ action. - Smart board
the lesson - Students do the action of the
- Teacher show /n/ words flashcards and read them sound.
with the students.
- Students read the flashcards
with the teacher.
- Assess students. 5 - Teacher will give students instructions of the - Students listen to the
Small group activities and show them a model. teachers explanation and
- Evaluate students instructions of the activities.
understanding of the - Teacher will help students if they needed help.
lesson. - Students do the activities.
- Teacher will observe and write notes of the
students work.
- Teacher will know if 3 - Teacher asks the students to sit back in the - Students sit in the carpet - Flashcards
she achieved her lesson carpet. cross legged with hands in
learning outcomes their laps.
- Teachers asks students about what they learn
- Teacher will know today and what they did in the activities. - Students answer the
Ending the what new knowledge teachers questions.
lesson students has built. - Teacher shows the students the pictures
flashcards and choose some students to say the - Selected students say the
- Teacher will be able name of the picture and the sound of the first name of the picture in the
to plan for her next phoneme. flashcard and say the sound of
lesson. the phoneme.