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Name:Marecho A.

Dablo Course and Year:BTTE IV-GFD

Duration:1:00 hour Critic Teacher:Airene R. Lauron


Garments Fashion and Design
(Detailed Lesson Plan)


At the end of the session, the students should be able to:

a. Identifystrips and twist t-shirts;
b. Perform strips and twist t-shirts;
c. Appreciatetheimportance in making strips and twist t-shirts.

Topic: “Strips and Twist T-Shirts"
Visual Aids:
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Video presentation
 Pictures
Materials Needed
 Scissors
 Ruler
 Old T shirts

 Prayer
* May I request everybody to please stand
and let us put ourselves into the presence of

kindly lead a prayer---------------.

(Students lead a prayer)
 Greetings

*Good morning class.  Good morning teacher Dablo.

*How’s your day!  Were fine ma’am

*Very good.

*Please have a seat.  Thank you ma’am.

 Checking of Attendance

-Let’s check your attendance first,  Ma’am as I check the

class beadle may I know who are attendance there is no absent
absents today? today.

-Very Good!

 Collecting of Assignment

-Class did I gave you an  Yes, ma’am.


- Kindly pass your assignment.  (The students pass their



*As a sort of recap, what is strips?  Is a piece of fabric that is usually

measured 1x5 0r 2x20?
*What are the kind of strips?
 The kind of strips are strips quilt,
long strips bias strips.
*where can we use strips? We can use strips it an accessories,
head bands, tie and others.

 Very good. Let’s give an amazing

clap for ________  (The students will do the
amazing claps)

 Any questions more clarification  None ma’am.



- Before we proceed to our lesson

proper, let’s have first a short activity
for your mind and body to get
- I will group you into 3 groups. The
first row will be the group one and
the second row will the group 2 and
the last row will be the group 3 and
you should do the activity silently.

- I have here some

scrambled letters and
you have to arrange it
and guess what the
correct words is. Am I
understood class?
 Yes, ma’am.
- Ok now, let’s start!

 (The students will do the

F. MOTIVATION activity)

*Class I have here a pictures

and a finish product or
garments for you to watch and
study, and I want you to
observe its design.
(pictures and product

*from the product being

presented what do you think
our lesson this morning? Designs ma’am.
*It might be.
*Another idea?
*That great. You guess the Strips and twist t-shirts.
correct answer.

*This time you be asked to make your own

twist t-shirts.

*Are you excited?

*but before we proceed to our
discussion let’s acquaint *Yes, ma’am.
ourselves with following

*Everybody read the
objectives. At the end of the session, the
students should be able to:

a. Identify strips and twist t-shirts;

b. Perform strips and twist t-shirts;
c. Appreciate the design in making
strips and twist t-shirts.

*Thank you class, so those are

the objectives that we need to
attain at the end of our lesson.

*Before going further let us

take up first the following trade
terms which related to our
topic this morning.

 Unlocking difficulties

*Alright kindly read the

following trade terms. TRADE TERMS

 T shirts- is a style of unisex

shirts can be worn by men and
 Twist - to combine, as two or
more strands or threads, by
winding together; intertwine.
 Cut- to used tool to open or
 Strips- is a long narrow piece
or section.
 Slits- a long, narrow cut or
opening in something.
 Knot – any of various
fastenings formed by looping
any tying a rope.

- Any question regarding to the trade  None ma’am.

terms class?

E. Discussion

What is strips by the way?

Strips in dressmaking
Anybody from the group, who
wants to read? is a decorative design made of
one material sewn over another.

Twist t- Twist t- shirt

Why is it called Twist t-shirt? Single yarn is formed by

twisting or strips are twisted itself,

*Do you understand class?  Yes, ma’am.

*So now let me introduce to you the tools

and materials needed in making strips and
twist t-shirts.
- Everybody please read.

Tools and Materials Needed:

 Ruler
 Old T shirts
 Scissors/Shears
- Did you understand the uses of
every material class?
 Yes, ma’am.

*Before we proceed to the actual

demonstration here are some reminders to
be followed.

 Always prepare the materials

 Always follow the procedure.
 Presence of mind while doing to
avoid accident.
 Use sharp shears/scissors.
(Video presentation- step by step
procedure of strips and twist t-shirts)


 Prepare all the materials

 Cut a sleeves of the t-shirt it is
optional it depends to your
 Fold half the back of t-shirt.
 Use ruler to have a fair in Cut
slits all the way down so it will
form strips, an inch or more just
depends the size of the shirts.
 Stretch it out.
 Create a circle and then make it
a loop twist and continue until
the edge.
 Stop on loop before last one,
and last cut the loop and
making knots.

*None. Ma’am.

*Are there any questions?

E. Application

*Since you don’t have any

questions with the same group
earlier you are making strips
and twist t-shirt. You will be
graded based in the rubrics RUBRICS
presented. Criteri 3 2 1
a Excelle Good Needs
*Anybody from the group, nt
kindly read the Rubrics. Accura All 1–3 4 or
cy reminder items on more
and reminders items on
procedur , and reminder
es are procedure and
s not procedur
followed. followed. es not
neatne The The
ss output The output
is neat output is not
and near clean.
clean. presenta
Speed Finishe Finished Finishe
d the d the
output output on output
ahead time after
of time time


*Based from our lesson, is it simple/easy to

make strips and twist t-shirts this morning? Yes, ma’am.

*That’s great.

*What have you learn from our lesson this

morning? I learn about strips and twist t-shirts.

*Who can give the importance in making

strips and twist t-shirt?
The importance of strips and twist t-
shirts we can use our old t-shirt with our
own design than buying expensive at the
mall also can create a design and it is
Another idea?
We can gain mine out of it especially for
girls accessories like head band, hair pin,
fabric flower.
 Value Integration

* So, class what good values

did you achieve from our topic
this morning? * Hard work, discipline, judgment

*Very well, now please get ¼ sheet of

paper and answer the questions in
Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer from the given options.
Write your answer in a ¼ sheet of paper.

1. What are the tools used in making strips and twist t-shirts?
a. Old t-shirt, Ruler, Scissors
b. French curve, Tape Measure, Pins
c. Ruler, Thread, Tape Measure
d. Needle, Pins, French Curve

2. What is the first procedure in making strips and twist t-shirts?

a. Stop on loop before last one and cut.
b. Cut at the edge of the selvage.
c. Prepare all the materials needed.
d. all of the above

3. Which of the following reminders to be followed when making Strips and

twist t-shirts?
a. Prepare all the materials needed.
b. Use sharp scissors for cutting.
c. Presence of mind while doing to avoid accident.
d. all of the above
4. What is strips?
a. Any of various fastenings formed by looping any tying a rope.
b. Is a long narrow piece of fabric?
c. A long, narrow cut or opening in something
d. none of the above

5. The following are the procedures in making strips and twist t-shirt EXCEPT:
a. Prepare all the materials needed.
b. Fold half the back of t-shirt
c. Make a selvage at the end of cut.
d. All of the above.
The teacher gets the M.P.S. following this formula

Total Score
MPS = : no. of students X 100
Number of Item

Research work: Answer the following in a ½ cross wise this is to be submitted next
1. What is the rugged t-shirts?
2. What are the different materials needed in rugged t-shirts?
References: Internet website Dressmaking module