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One year ago, the Iridum satellite-operator company, in partnership with a Canadian company proposed to set up an aircraft-tracking system

that, over the long term, would provide very huge benefits to the US military and airlines flying over the north American, Arctic and Atlantic regions !he partnership named Aireon ""C proposed to install its proprietary sensors on all of Iridium#s satellites, including those over the world#s oceans, to track aircraft in real time !he company management aproached the $AA, but it was coy or %uite reluctant to accept their proposal Strangely, the company did not approach any aircraft manufacturers !he failure to support the proposed system highlights the big irresponsibility of the $AA and the US aviation industry to pay attention to innovative ideas as well as their tendency to greatly rely on the fawning media for generating positive vibes about their industry It was clearly fakers aiding fakers !oday, the case of the &etliner that has gone missing for the '(th day again highlights the big failure of the $AA and the aviation industry including aircraft manufacturers to support many proposals calling for the installing of transponders in aircraft that cannot be turned off while in flight A such, the $AA and the aviation industry have to pay for their mistakes )eople now searching for the missing &etliner must bill them