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2 Thessalonians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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2 Thessalonians 1
!"#L, $%L&"'#$ ($i)a*+, an Timothy, to the church (a**emb)y+ o, the The**a)onian* in -o our Father an the Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah, the "nointe 0ne+1
1 2 -race (unmerite ,a2or+ be to you an 3heart4 peace ,rom -o the Father an the Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah, the "nointe 0ne+5 6 7e ought an in ee are ob)igate 3a* tho*e in ebt4 to gi2e thank* a)8ay* to -o ,or you, brethren, a* i* ,itting, becau*e your ,aith i* gro8ing e9cee ing)y an the )o2e o, e2ery one o, you each to8ar the other* i* increa*ing an aboun *5 4 "n thi* i* a cau*e o, our mentioning you 8ith pri e among the churche* (a**emb)ie*+ o, -o ,or your *tea ,a*tne** (your un,)inching en urance an patience+ an your ,irm ,aith in the mi *t o, a)) the per*ecution* an cru*hing i*tre**e* an a,,)iction* un er 8hich you are ho) ing up5 5 Thi* i* po*iti2e proo, o, the :u*t an right :u gment o, -o to the en that you may be eeme e*er2ing o, ;i* king om 3a p)ain token o, ;i* ,air 2er ict 8hich e*ign* that you *hou) be ma e an counte 8orthy o, the king om o, -o 4, ,or the *ake o, 8hich you are a)*o *u,,ering5 6 3%t i* a ,air eci*ion4 *ince it i* a righteou* thing 8ith -o to repay 8ith i*tre** an a,,)iction tho*e 8ho i*tre** an a,,)ict you, 7 "n to 33a4recompen*e4 you 8ho are *o i*tre**e an a,,)icte 3by granting you4 re)ie, an re*t a)ong 8ith u* 3your ,e))o8 *u,,erer*4 8hen the Lor .e*u* i* re2ea)e ,rom hea2en 8ith ;i* mighty ange)* in a ,)ame o, ,ire, 8 To ea) out retribution (cha*ti*ement an 2engeance+ upon tho*e 8ho o not kno8 or percei2e or become ac<uainte 8ith -o , an 3upon tho*e4 8ho ignore an re,u*e to obey the -o*pe) o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t5 9 $uch peop)e 8i)) pay the pena)ty an *u,,er the puni*hment o, e2er)a*ting ruin ( e*truction an per ition+ an eterna) e9c)u*ion an bani*hment ,rom the pre*ence o, the Lor an ,rom the g)ory o, ;i* po8er, 1= 7hen ;e come* to be g)ori,ie in ;i* *aint* 3on that ay ;e 8i)) be ma e more g)oriou* in ;i* con*ecrate peop)e4, an 3;e 8i))4 be mar2e)e at an a mire 3in ;i* g)ory re,)ecte 4 in a)) 8ho ha2e be)ie2e 38ho ha2e a here to, tru*te in, an re)ie on ;im4, becau*e our 8itne**ing among you 8a* con,i ent)y accepte an be)ie2e 3an con,irme in your )i2e*45 11 7ith thi* in 2ie8 8e con*tant)y pray ,or you, that our -o may eem an count you 8orthy o, 3your4 ca))ing an 3;i*4 e2ery graciou* purpo*e o, goo ne**, an 8ith po8er may comp)ete in 3your4 e2ery particu)ar 8ork o, ,aith (,aith 8hich i* that 3b4)eaning o, the 8ho)e human per*ona)ity on -o in ab*o)ute tru*t an con,i ence in ;i* po8er, 8i* om, an goo ne**+5 12 Thu* may the name o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t be g)ori,ie an become more g)oriou* through an in you, an may you 3a)*o be g)ori,ie 4 in ;im accor ing to the grace (,a2or an b)e**ing+ o, our -o an the Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah, the "nointe 0ne+5


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2 The**a)onian* 117 >obert .amie*on, "5>5 Fau**et an ?a2i @ro8n, " Commentary on the 0) an 'e8 Te*tament*5 2 The**a)onian* 1111 ")e9an er $outer, !ocket Le9icon o, the -reek 'e8 Te*tament5

2 Thessalonians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Thessalonians 2
@#T >AL"T%&A to the coming o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ an our gathering together to 3meet4 ;im, 8e beg you, brethren,
1 2 'ot to a))o8 your min * to be <uick)y un*ett)e or i*turbe or kept e9cite or a)arme , 8hether it be by *ome 3preten e 4 re2e)ation o, 3the4 $pirit or by 8or or by )etter 3a))ege to be4 ,rom u*, to the e,,ect that the ay o, the Lor ha* 3a)rea y4 arri2e an i* here5 6 Let no one ecei2e or begui)e you in any 8ay, ,or that ay 8i)) not come e9cept the 3a4apo*ta*y come* ,ir*t 3un)e** the pre icte great 3b4,a))ing a8ay o, tho*e 8ho ha2e pro,e**e to be Chri*tian* ha* come4, an the man o, )a8)e**ne** (*in+ i* re2ea)e , 8ho i* the *on o, oom (o, per ition+,("+

7ho oppo*e* an e9a)t* him*e), *o prou )y an in*o)ent)y again*t an o2er a)) that i* ca))e -o or that i* 8or*hipe , 3e2en to hi* actua))y4 taking hi* *eat in the temp)e o, -o , proc)aiming that he him*e), i* -o 5 (@+
4 5 6

?o you not reco))ect that 8hen % 8a* *ti)) 8ith you, % to) you the*e thing*B

"n no8 you kno8 8hat i* re*training him 3,rom being re2ea)e at thi* time4C it i* *o that he may be mani,e*te (re2ea)e + in hi* o8n 3appointe 4 time5
7 For the my*tery o, )a8)e**ne** (that hi en princip)e o, rebe))ion again*t con*titute authority+ i* a)rea y at 8ork in the 8or) , 3but it i*4 re*traine on)y unti) 3c4he 8ho re*train* i* taken out o, the 8ay5 8 "n then the )a8)e** one (the antichri*t+ 8i)) be re2ea)e an the Lor .e*u* 8i)) *)ay him 8ith the breath o, ;i* mouth an bring him to an en by ;i* appearing at ;i* coming5(C+ 9 The coming 3o, the )a8)e** one, the antichri*t4 i* through the acti2ity an 8orking o, $atan an 8i)) be atten e by great po8er an 8ith a)) *ort* o, 3preten e 4 mirac)e* an *ign* an e)u*i2e mar2e)*DD3a)) o, them4 )ying 8on er*DD 1= "n by un)imite *e uction to e2i) an 8ith a)) 8icke eception ,or tho*e 8ho are peri*hing (going to per ition+ becau*e they i not 8e)come the Truth but re,u*e to )o2e it that they might be *a2e 5 11 There,ore -o *en * upon them a mi*)ea ing in,)uence, a 8orking o, error an a *trong e)u*ion to make them be)ie2e 8hat i* ,a)*e, 12 %n or er that a)) may be :u ge an con emne 8ho i not be)ie2e in 38ho re,u*e to a here to, tru*t in, an re)y on4 the Truth, but 3in*tea 4 took p)ea*ure in unrighteou*ne**5 16 @ut 8e, brethren be)o2e by the Lor , ought an are ob)igate 3a* tho*e 8ho are in ebt4 to gi2e thank* a)8ay* to -o ,or you, becau*e -o cho*e you ,rom the beginning 3 4a* ;i* ,ir*t,ruit* (,ir*t con2ert*+ ,or *a)2ation through the *ancti,ying 8ork o, the 3;o)y4 $pirit an 3your4 be)ie, in (a herence to, tru*t in, an re)iance on+ the Truth5 14 3%t 8a*4 to thi* en that ;e ca))e you through our -o*pe), *o that you may obtain an *hare in the g)ory o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+5 15 $o then, brethren, *tan ,irm an ho) ,a*t to the tra ition* an in*truction* 8hich you 8ere taught by u*, 8hether by our 8or o, mouth or by )etter5 16 'o8 may our Lor .e*u* Chri*t ;im*e), an -o our Father, 7ho )o2e u* an ga2e u* e2er)a*ting con*o)ation an encouragement an 8e))D,oun e hope through 3;i*4 grace (unmerite ,a2or+, 17 Com,ort an encourage your heart* an *trengthen them 3make them *tea ,a*t an keep them un*8er2ing4 in e2ery goo 8ork an 8or 5


a. b. c. d. A. B. C.

2 The**a)onian* 216 " po**ib)e ren ering o, the -reek apo*ta*ia i* E eparture 3o, the church45E 2 The**a)onian* 216 " po**ib)e ren ering o, the -reek apo*ta*ia i* E eparture 3o, the church45E 2 The**a)onian* 217 /any be)ie2e thi* 0ne 7ho re*train* the antichri*t to be the ;o)y $pirit, 7ho )i2e* in a)) be)ie2er* an 8i)) be remo2e 8ith them at Chri*tF* comingC yet a ma:ority think* it re,er* to the >oman Ampire5 2 The**a)onian* 2116 /any ancient manu*cript* *o rea 5

Cross references: 2 The**a)onian* 216 1 ?an 7125C 8125C % Tim 411 2 The**a)onian* 214 1 AGek 2812C ?an 11166, 67 2 The**a)onian* 218 1 %*a 1114

2 Thessalonians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Thessalonians 3
F#>T;A>/0>A, @>AT;>A', o pray ,or u*, that the 7or o, the Lor may *pee on (*prea rapi )y an run it* cour*e+ an be g)ori,ie (e9to))e + an triumph, e2en a* 3it ha* one4 8ith you,
1 2 "n that 8e may be e)i2ere ,rom per2er*e (improper, unrighteou*+ an 8icke (acti2e)y ma)iciou*+ men, ,or not e2erybo y ha* ,aith an i* he) by it5 6 Het the Lor i* ,aith,u), an ;e 8i)) *trengthen 3you4 an *et you on a ,irm ,oun ation an guar you ,rom the e2i) 3one45 4 "n 8e ha2e con,i ence in the Lor concerning you, that you are oing an 8i)) continue to o the thing* 8hich 8e *ugge*t an 8ith 8hich 8e charge you5 5 /ay the Lor irect your heart* into 3rea)iGing an *ho8ing4 the )o2e o, -o an into the *tea ,a*tne** an patience o, Chri*t an 3a4in 8aiting ,or ;i* return5 6 'o8 8e charge you, brethren, in the name an on the authority o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ that you 8ith ra8 an keep a8ay ,rom e2ery brother (,e))o8 be)ie2er+ 8ho i* *)ack in the per,ormance o, uty an i* i*or er)y, )i2ing a* a *hirker an not 8a)king in accor 8ith the tra ition* an in*truction* that you ha2e recei2e ,rom u*5 7 For you your*e)2e* kno8 ho8 it i* nece**ary to imitate our e9amp)e, ,or 8e 8ere not i*or er)y or *hirking o, uty 8hen 8e 8ere 8ith you 38e 8ere not i )e45 8 'or i 8e eat anyoneF* brea 8ithout paying ,or it, but 8ith toi) an *trugg)e 8e 8orke night an 8e might not be a bur en or impo*e on any o, you 3,or our *upport45 9

ay, that

3%t 8a*4 not becau*e 8e o not ha2e a right 3to *uch *upport4, but 38e 8i*he 4 to make our*e)2e* an e9amp)e ,or you to ,o))o85


For 8hi)e 8e 8ere yet 8ith you, 8e ga2e you thi* ru)e an charge1 %, anyone 8i)) not 8ork, neither )et him

11 %n ee , 8e hear that *ome among you are i*or er)y 3that they are pa**ing their )i2e* in i )ene**, neg)ect,u) o, uty4, being bu*y 8ith other peop)eF* a,,air* in*tea o, their o8n an oing no 8ork5 12 'o8 8e charge an e9hort *uch per*on* 3a* 3b4mini*ter* in ;im e9horting tho*e4 in the Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ that they 8ork in <uietne** an earn their o8n ,oo an other nece**itie*5 16 "n a* ,or you, brethren, o not become 8eary or )o*e heart in oing right 3but continue in 8e))D oing 8ithout 8eakening45

@ut i, anyone 3in the church4 re,u*e* to obey 8hat 8e *ay in thi* )etter, take note o, that per*on an a**ociate 8ith him, *o that he may be a*hame 5
14 15 16

o not

?o not regar him a* an enemy, but *imp)y a moni*h an 8arn him a* 3being *ti))4 a brother5

'o8 may the Lor o, peace ;im*e), grant you ;i* peace (the peace o, ;i* king om+ at a)) time* an in a)) 8ay* 3un er a)) circum*tance* an con ition*, 8hate2er come*45 The Lor 3be4 8ith you a))5
17 %, !au), 8rite you thi* ,ina) greeting 8ith my o8n han 5 Thi* i* the mark an *ign 3that it i* not a ,orgery4 in e2ery )etter o, mine5 %t i* the 8ay % 8rite 3my han 8riting an *ignature45 18


The grace (*piritua) b)e**ing an ,a2or+ o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ be 8ith you a))5 "men (*o be


a. b.

2 The**a)onian* 615 .o*eph Thayer, " -reekDAng)i*h Le9icon o, the 'e8 Te*tament5 2 The**a)onian* 6112 >obert .amie*on, "5>5 Fau**et an ?a2i @ro8n, " Commentary5